Tackling Peace

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It all began as a crazy dream ? a mission adopted by Tanya Oziel, a footy mad Australian housewife, passionate for Middle East peace. But with open hostilities raging around them, will these old enemies sideline decades of conflict to unite into a single Peace Team? In Tackling Peace we go behind the scenes as young men from different sides of a bloody political war set aside a lifetime of prejudice and hostility to compete as a team in the Australian Football League?s International Cup. Few of the aspirant players had ever heard of the game and none imagined befriending team mates from across the political divide. Narrated by Australian actor Hugo Weaving and featuring legendary footballers Kevin Sheehan, Ron Barrassi and Robert ?Dipper? DiPierdomenico, Tackling Peace follows the incredible journey of Israeli and Palestinian sportsmen and the dynamic woman who unites them, in their remarkable quest to show the world a different picture to the bloody images pervading the evening news ? as they cooperate in their quest to make it to Australia and play together against the world.

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