Tank Overhaul

Viasat Explore Nordic

Korostus Korostus
Edellinen esitys:
Viasat Explore Nordic Ma 20.05.2013 klo 06.00

Welcome to the world where military geeks, genius mechanics and eccentric millionaires are living the dream with blow torches, industrial lathes and hi-tech electronics, restoring four notable battle tanks from WWII and post-war era. Each episode follows one tank's story, revealing as they rebuild it, the innovations that made each machine great and the engineering flaws that proved fatal. Unique serial numbers allow us to re-trace each tank's forged-in-war history: discovering where it was made, the battles it fought and the often tragic end of its fighting career.

Edelliset esitykset:
Viasat Explore Nordic: Ma 20.05.2013 klo 06.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: Su 19.05.2013 klo 08.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: Su 19.05.2013 klo 07.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: Su 19.05.2013 klo 06.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: La 18.05.2013 klo 08.00
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