Tarantula - Australia's King Of Spiders

Viasat Nature/Crime

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Viasat Nature/Crime Ti 10.04.2012 klo 15.00

Tarantula reports on the ?Daddy? of the spider kingdom. Australia is home to some of the fiercest tarantulas in the world and it is here that expert Dr. Robert Raven guides us through his on-going mission to identify new species and protect them. He painstakingly searches Australia?s vast outback and remote rainforests hoping to find, capture and identify new species. A species that has been roaming the planet for over 350 million years, the tarantula is the biggest, hairiest and scariest spider on the planet with venomous fangs to rival many snakes. This documentary gets up close and personal, shedding new light on the hairy tales of these extraordinary creatures. Other topics included in this hour long special include a secret breeding farm, the milking of venom for medical purposes, the growth of the pet trade and a visit to Cambodia where tarantulas are sold as a delicacy and used for medicinal purposes related to back pain or insomnia. Beautifully filmed with every single intricate detail of the spider?s existence captured from beginning to end, this fast-paced, fun and educational documentary leaves no stone unturned and is recommended to kill or cure any phobias you may have.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Ti 10.04.2012 klo 15.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Ma 09.04.2012 klo 20.00
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