Terry Pratchett's Facing Extinction

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Two decades ago, best-selling author Sir Terry Pratchett had a life-changing experience in the jungles of Borneo, where he encountered wild orangutans. Now, suffering from Alzheimer?s, he embarks on one last adventure ? to return to the jungles and uncover what the future holds for this endangered species. Through searching the local street markets that sell these wonderful primates and speaking with world expert on orangutans, Dr Birute Galdikas, Terry learns of a new threat that could push them to the brink of extinction. But stopping the orangutans from dying out is not going to be easy, and neither will Terry?s journey as his Alzheimer's makes the trip an incredible challenge both physically and mentally. Contemplating the role of mankind in the eradication of this species, he must consider his own degenerative disease ? that not even the local tribal shaman can cure.

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