The Arabian Leopard of Oman

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Introduced and narrated by the wildlife presenter Jonathan Scott (Big Cat Diary), The Arabian Leopard of Oman traces the efforts of a local scientist as he works to preserve and protect this predator. Hadi Al Hickmani is an Omani scientist and conservationist and belongs to a tribe of traditional camel herders who inhabit the mountains of Eastern Arabia. His natural passion and enthusiasm for the leopards of his homeland gives him a unique and authentic understanding of this shadowy animal. Over a year we follow his efforts as he hunts for clues of the leopard to build up a picture of its behaviour. Either on camel, foot or by helicopter he explores the harsh deserts, rugged mountains and monsoonal forests of southern Oman. As well as traditional skill and understanding of the leopards? habitat he uses the latest in satellite tracking technology and a system of remote cameras to bring to life this shadow of the mountains. For the first time a window is opened into the secret world of the Arabian leopard.

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