The Bransons: Come Hell or High Water

Viasat Explore Nordic

Korostus Korostus
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Viasat Explore Nordic Ke 15.02.2012 klo 17.00

This extraordinary documentary follows one of Britain's best-loved tycoons, Sir Richard Branson, as he prepares for perhaps the most audacious record attempt of his life ? another crack at the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing, this time with his family on board! Richard remains utterly focussed, and his children, 22-year-old Sam and 26- year-old Holly, have inherited his appetite for adventure. The programme includes Sam and Holly reflecting on what it is like to have such a driven dad, as well as high gloss cinematic sequences, and raw, personal footage. It provides an incredible insight into the Bransons? home life, along with all the excitement of a battle with nature. Can they possibly cross the Atlantic in less than six days 17 hours?

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Viasat Explore Nordic: Ke 15.02.2012 klo 17.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: Ke 15.02.2012 klo 11.00
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