The Chile 33

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The untold story of the Chilean miners? tragedy that touched the world. Filmed before, during and after the rescue in the San Jose mine, not only does it chart their hellish ordeal, remarkable bravery and eventual rescue, but also reveals damning evidence of negligence that led to the catastrophe at the mine. Programme traces the tragic events that started on 5 August 2010 as 33 miners were trapped nearly 700 meters below ground in the Atacama Desert, Chile. It charts the highs and lows of the rescue operation as step by step the rescuers planned and executed the miners? release.The documentary includes exclusive never before seen intimate interviews with the miners themselves and divulges the men?s innermost feelings during their 69 day ordeal along with interviews with the miners? families, officials, politicians and rescuers. The miners? dramatic rescue on the 13th October was watched live by an estimated global audience of more than 1 billion people.

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