The Jones Boys' Amazon Adventure

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TV presenter Steve Jones goes on the ultimate lad?s adventure in the Amazon, and he?s taking his brothers along for the ride. Together they participate in a whole series of mad-cap activities in the Rainforest, a focal point in the fight against global warming. Not only do they have the trip of a lifetime, but by the adventures they undertake, they?ll be helping to highlight some of the pressures that one of the world?s most crucial and endangered regions is under. Steve and his brothers, Jonathan, a civilian aeronautical engineer and Chris, a lofty welsh private bodyguard, will be embarking on some Amazon style adventures as well as making the most of their surroundings by living and surviving in the jungle. Once they are unleashed in the Amazon, they trek through the jungle and through villages, meeting people and tribes, and organise their own Amazon games based on the Indigenous Nations Games in Brazil. They then finish it all off with an inter-tribal football tournament, bringing tribes, policemen and loggers together.

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