The Last Paradises - Hunters at the Cape of Storms

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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The Cape of Storms: here in the far south of Africa powerful currents meet and mingle ? the cold, high-nutrient Benguela Current from the south and the Agulhas Current from the north. The interplay of these currents leads to an enormous abundance and diversity of nutrition. Once a year this attracts millions of sardines in the ?Sardine Run?, the largest migration of animals in the world. No wonder that some of the most impressive marine hunters live here. The film focuses on three particularly typical hunters of this region: the white shark, the fur seal and the cape gannet. The fates of these hunters are closely connected; as young animals they are often already involved in fights for life or death. The film observes these animals for a year, and in unusual and fascinating pictures it documents the rearing of their young and the application of their exceptional hunting techniques. ?Hunters at the Cape of Storms? is no film for anyone with weak nerves. Even though it deliberately refrained from over-dramatisation, it shows nature as it is: beautiful, but also brutal.

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