The Last Trimate

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In the late 60s, legendary anthropologist Louis Leakey appointed three women to study and care for the great apes of the world: Dian Fossey was asked to study the gorillas, and her murder by poachers led to the making of "Gorillas in the Mist"; Jane Goodall was allocated chimpanzees, and to this day travels the world raising funds and awareness; and Birute Galdikas was sent to Borneo to document orangutans. Thirty-five years later Birute is still there, based in the appropriately named Camp Leakey, and is responsible for the longest study of an animal species by a single person ever conducted. Her crusade is compelling, and this stunning, high definition documentary is an account of her lifelong fight to save the diminishing world of Indonesia?s wild Orangutans - a habitat threatened by rampant deforestation and palm oil plantations. The Last Trimate features the past, present and future of Camp Leakey in Kalimantan, through the eyes of Dr Galdikas and also looks at the work of the Australian Orangutan Project in this region.

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