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This fun investigative series uses cold facts of science, experts? advice, dynamic experiments and simple unadulterated truth to reveal the answers to life's most common dilemmas. Every day, each of us makes dozens of decisions that affect the quality of our lives. Which is better for the environment - plastic or paper? Stuck in traffic? Which approach will get you to your destination sooner - weaving or staying in your lane? Some decisions can even save our lives. In a plane crash, which is a better floatation device - life vest or seat cushion? And some decisions can save the world. Fired from a helicopter, which is the best weapon to neutralise a terrorist in an office building - sniper rifle or rocket launcher? What if every one of those decisions you make has the exact opposite effect? Our three comedian hosts, Mark DeCarlo, Chris Tallman and Brad Sherwood, take sides in the most contested debates of our time... and many you may not have even considered. After rigorous testing and expert advice, one side of the debate will emerge victorious.

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