Tornado Rampage 2011

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This programme investigates one of the most extreme weather events in history. In April 2011 in the space of just three days, 300 tornadoes hit the US. And one of these days - Wednesday 27th April - will live in infamy. One hundred and ninety tornadoes strike in a 24 hour period - more than on any other day in recorded history. Two of these tornadoes are given the maximum category EF-5 twister rating. And when the day is done, over 300 people lie dead. It's a vivid demonstration of the awesome power of nature to flatten, crush and swallow virtually anything in its path. Weaving together powerful survivor interviews, astonishing UGC footage and cutting edge scientific expertise, this documentary reveals the anatomy of a perfect storm, piecing together 24 hours that shook America, and tackles the killer question: are deadly storms on the rise?

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