Trek - Spy on the Wildebeest

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Imagine being part of the Greatest Wildlife Spectacle on Earth. Imagine experiencing it as if you were one of the animals involved. The same brand of revolutionary photography that spied on Lions, Elephants and Bears, now focuses on nature's most awe-inspiring event - the Great Wildebeest Migration. TREK features a cast of literally thousands, as countless wildebeest, zebra and antelope are joined by the hyena, leopard, jackal, cheetah and crocodile that prey on them. To personalise this story our spycams follow the fortunes of a baby wildebeest. We experience all the significant events of his 3000 kilometre year-long circular journey. This epic story combines natural humour with high-octane drama. But the bouldercams, dungcams and invisiblecams of past productions have grown into an army of over twenty mobile and remote cameras. These give saturation coverage of this awe-inspiring event. Trek: Spy on the wildebeest is a two part series for BBC 1 starting with 'The Journey' and ending with 'The Crossing'.

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