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For most of this decade, a loose association of colourful identities known to outsiders as the ?Carlton Crew? was Melbourne?s dominant underworld syndicate. They kept a low profile, but knew how to mix in good society and how to keep firm control on the power they had. Then ? suddenly ? there was competition. A new and highly lucrative amphetamine market exploded around the party-drug scene and Tony Mokbel and Carl Williams were the principal makers and suppliers. With sudden wealth came a desire for status and power. All the major players had loving children and wives (and more than the odd mistress), they all dressed well (except Williams) and they all invested in clean, stylish, reputable enterprises. And for a short time everyone co-existed, albeit uneasily. But it couldn?t last. Before long, a highly valuable ?pill press? was impounded after a fluke police raid. Accusations flew everywhere, shots were fired, and the fuse was lit for what became known as the ?Melbourne Gangland Wars?. As the wars escalated and public alarm grew, the Victoria Police established the special Task Force Purana to show the underworld exactly who did run this city. But with no one willing to say anything on or off the record their brief was incredibly difficult. Increasingly they had to rely on unconventional tactics, highly sophisticated surveillance and sheer fearless, hard work. Finally, by 2005, almost all the criminals were either in jail, convicted, or dead. The death toll stood at 33 in one of the bloodiest crime wars in the western world ? and it happened right here, in Melbourne. UNDERBELLY uses the framework of the war waging within the underworld, and the war between the underworld and the Purana Task Force, to explore a complex array of individual stories and relationships ? some touching, some incredible, all breathtaking. It is a series that examines the kaleidoscopic nature of loyalty, love, revenge and pride when the normal and identifiable emotions of human attachment are moved from the context of social decency to social indecency.

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