Underwater Okavango

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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From swollen rivers full of spawning bream to crystal-clear, lily-laden lagoons full of neon-coloured fish, the underwater world of the Okavango Delta supports a diverse and colourful ecosystem. Despite its beauty, this ecosystem has never yet been explored and documented ? and for very good reason - it is home to one of the highest concentrations of big Nile crocodiles and hippopotami in the world. In this documentary, we can finally see how these two animals vie for the title of the most dangerous creatures in Africa - through the lens of highly experienced cameraman Brad Bestelink. See predatory tigerfish as they cruise the open waters in large shoals while brightly coloured bream and catfish stick close to the bottom, ever alert to the threat of the crocodiles. The papyrus caves are also full of strange and exotic creatures, while the plant life sways to the rhythm of the cold water currents.

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